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In Bakırköy women's prison, a new one was added to the activities carried out within the framework of education training and improvement activities for children between 03 and 06, which we have to stay with their mothers and which we can call the "fate of convictions".

Minnels who had to spend their first period of life in their mothers Prison were therefore provided with the opportunity to meet their kitesurf by participating in their leisure time activities to contribute to their psychological and educational life and to be supported by social and cultural activities.

The children who attended the kite course designed by Istanbul Kitefliers Association and the children of Justice Kindergarten students who joined the prison camp together with their teachers made their own kites themselves for the first time in their lives.

After the workshop which was quite entertaining all the children had colorful kites.Head of the Istanbul Kitefliers Association, who was at the beginning of the project team, and kite instructor Mehmet Naci Aköz, applauded all the children who had finished their kites and made them happy. All children who completed the workshop were awarded curricular participation certificates at the end of the activity.

Then all the children who took their kites went to kite in an open area of the prison under the guidance of prison officers and teachers.

The happiness of the children who ventilated the kites that they had fallen into the depths of the sky were read in their faces. In a rather harsh windy environment, the flying kites rush to the left and fly to the left.

It was not just the kids who enjoyed the kite festival.

Enes BERKSUN from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Detention Houses, Nedim Elbistan, director of Justice Kindergarten, Arzu Arslan, Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor, M. Hakan Uyar and Mehmet Naci Aköz, President of İstanbul Kitefliers Association flew kites with their children.

When the children left the festival area after a beautiful kite festival, the participants wrote their thoughts on the project to the Istanbul Kitefliers Association book.

We would like to thank the General Directorate for the activities we have carried out for our children in the 3-6 years age group housed in our institution together with their mother in the Bakırköy women's closed prison and execution institution as the general directorate of the penal and detention houses general directorate.

This unrequited work has been a great achievement for both our institution and the public.

Thank you for your kindness. "

Enes Berksun

General Directorate of Penal and Detention Houses

Training department chairperson

"Today, again in Bakırköy women's penal execution institution is a different day than ever this day.Thanks to the contributions and contributions of the members of the Kitefliers Association, we must make a kite for the first time together with the children's mothers under the name of the kite festival in our institution. They are the successes of a province, the happiness in the hundreds of success, reaching to the sky through the hands of happiness and the eternal thanks to the Istanbul Kitefliers Association I wish you success in your studies.

Everything that's good is with you. "

Nedim Elbistan

Managing Director

If life is a hope, if you need to accumulate beautiful things about hope, life is filled with happiness, peace and freedom most of all in this accumulation.

You do some nice activities and nice nice associations with your wish. "

Arzu Arslan

Director of Justice Kindergarten

Head of Istanbul Kitefliers Association and Kite Instructor Mehmet Naci Aköz, on the subject.

We are delighted to introduce one of the projects planned to increase the awareness of the environment and nature of our people and the kite which is one of the symbols of freedom and sky for today's children of the Bakırköy Closed Prison.

It is clear that the kite, which comes to my country towards the end of the 15th century and is an inseparable part of the street culture, is something for everyone.

Especially, it is a happiness for us to present the activity of kite, one of the most innocent and beautiful symbols of freedom, to our minors who have to spend their days together with their mothers in Bakırköy closed female prison. "