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Responsibilities and Benefits


.                                  .ACHIEVEMENTS.                              .

The club must be informed of all the activities it will perform during the year.

(Festivals, competitions, applied kite making and flying lessons, museum developments, negotiations with international guests, sightseeing, panels, exhibitions, film screenings, etc.)

They can attend all activities of the club for free.

(Kite festivals, Kite lessons, Professional kite flying training, possibility to take part in TV shootings)

Right to receive free kite at least twice a year (in the framework of kite festivals)

Assignment of duties in associations or sub-bodies in direct proportion to demand and interest

(Association Management, Kite Volunteering Club, Üsküdar Municipality Mehmet Naci Aköz Kite Museum, European National Directorate of Sport Kite Federation, Gulen Okumuş Kite Library, World Kite Tree Project, Kite Team, Kite Projects, Technical Referee, Jury Membership, Kite Training Certificate, Etc)

Club benefits from office facilities

(Club can benefit from office facilities, computer service, library services, hosting guests under club / association roof.)

.                                  .RESPONSIBILITIES.                               .

Club members can not act outside the legal framework stated in the rules of the club.

Club members act in the awareness that their main purpose is to serve a non-governmental organization established to explore and develop kite cultures and to contribute to the knowledge of our country's people on this subject and they dedicate certain times to support the association in this regard.

They can not participate in any club-affiliated work except for the information or instruction of the club management board

The members of the club should not be bad habits (smoking, drinking, etc habits)

Members should know / learn to fly a minimum of hexagonal model kites and fly

Members must participate / contribute to at least two of the activities held during the year.