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Make Your Own Kite Set

Make your own kite set

Our company, which first put the kite material kit which was designed in institutional design or in different designs into practice in our country in 1998;

Classic Turkish model for hexagonal apple model kite construction, custom designed 4 color print paper, 3 pebbles, tail cut paper, seletoet band, child scissors, rope, kite construction plans corporate printed, individually pouch, chopped, To be delivered to the customer.

These sets, which are prepared for our children or our students to make their own kites easily, will improve their hand skills and will be a performance that parents will also participate in the home environment.

Although there are construction plans in the sets, there are videos on the site and on YouTube that teach the stages and stages of the construction of about 50 kites prepared by Mehmet Naci Aköz, the head of the İstanbul Kiteboarders Association and kite teacher Mehmet Naci Aköz.

(Broadcasted by Uzman TV, Nasıl TV, Cevap TV, My Net Kadın TV’s.)

For more information, please visit the photo gallery section of your own kitesurfing kit and contact the Kite World at ucurtma@ucurtmadunyasi.com