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Kite Volunteers Club Charter


A)  As stated in Article 3/5 of the Charter of the Association on Aims and Terms of Service.

Since kiteflying is still in development stage in our country, it is necessary to make infrastructure works for the establishment of new associations, clubs and associations, to organize meetings for it, to cooperate with similar organizations, to collect all kite establishments under the frame.

In the context of the article;

To provide recognition of the kite, which is one of the historical and cultural values ​​of the societies, which is a part of the street games, today it is aimed to be recognized by the masses and to participate in researches, researches, seminars, conferences, forums and similar activities on national and international grounds To  publish published papers and to organize pictures, compositions, photographs and other similar activities in official institutions and establishments in these frameworks and to distribute prizes and bonuses in cash or in kind, if necessary through their own financial means or sponsors, Organizing exhibitions, organizing infrastructure works within the scope of activities, organizing people who are willing to participate in the events, who are under the legal age of 18, and will contribute be at work.

B) To make infrastructure works for kite culture, entertainment, festivals, festivals and similar activities to gain a lasting quality, to participate in any kind of formal interviews and invitations within the framework of this project.

C) To organize courses / courses in schools, official, private institutions and establishments to give education of kites, to lead the activities of associations / to make infrastructural activities for the training of teachers to train in this field.

E) The village where the clubs are established for the establishment of new troops, clubs, etc., in order to obtain approval from the association management and to be involved in the association's work, as the kitesurfing is still in development stage in our country. To work in infrastructure projects in districts, neighborhoods or districts, or to organize meetings for this, to cooperate with similar institutions.

F) To make efforts to use the facilities of the kite culture, the fact that the kite museum, which is believed to have a very important role in transferring the information, documents and findings obtained from the research of the past to future generations and which has examples in many countries of the world, has been established in our country, To do all the infrastructure work, examination and research necessary to make contributions to the museum.

G) Üsküdar Municipality Mehmet Naci Aköz To collaborate with the association to donate or purchase various kites books, magazines and documents to be exhibited at the kite.

H) The regulations of the Kite Volunteers Club may be updated with the decisions taken by the Istanbul Kitefliers General Assembly or the board of directors.

Updates are obliged to be implemented when notified in writing to the relevant representatives / persons.

I) Representatives of Kite Volunteers Club may be terminated with the decision of Board of Directors of Istanbul Kitefliers Association if deemed necessary.

İ) Kite Volunteers Club representatives may terminate their association with clubs and associations if they are deemed necessary, in writing to the chairmanship of the Istanbul Kitefliers Association.

J) The representative of the Kite Volunteers Club is responsible for the first degree in his own work.

K) Applications on topics not mentioned in the Kite Volunteers Club rule will be applied based on the Istanbul Kite Foundation Association's main rules.

The above regulation is valid on the basis of the Constitution of Istanbul Kiteboarders Association.