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Naci Aköz
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The kite museum is also open during the summer season to make an appointment!

In the past year we have reached 30,000 visitors in our museum.

We have produced nearly 100 000 kites in municipal festivals, corporate firms, shopping malls, picnics and festivals.

Çeşitli televizyon kanallarında, gazetelerde, dergilerde, radyo programlarında, sosyal medya sitelerinde ve bloglarda 100'den fazla program ve blog barındırdık.

We have increased our awareness of international festivals in many countries this year.New collection of New Zealand and Cambodia kite products and the number of our products in our collection have increased to 28.

We were very tired with over 30 of our friends in our team and decided to go out for a break.

However, to avoid not closing our museum's gates to visitors, we decided to leave ANGINE between June 1, 2016 and September 12, 2016 just to make an appointment.

To make an appointment:

0 216 553 23 37

0 532 616 14 66