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University students from the University of the Mediterranean Social Assistance and Solidarity Association (SASS) are taking courses to teach 'autism kids' kites. SASS volunteers will fly the kites they make on the kite festival, which will be held on April 10 for the autism children.

Within the scope of the project initiated to draw attention to autism and raise awareness, 30 students studying at Akdeniz University learn how to make a workshop kite, which is the possession of Toy Master Haşim Süzme. Volunteer young people will give gifts to the children in the Ramadan-Hatice War Special Education Implementation Center, which they will perform for 1 month. And then he's gonna teach kids to kite.

SASS, aiming to draw attention to autism children and raise awareness in society plans to hold a kite festival in Antalya on April 10th, with all the kites.In the festival, where the autism children will be presented with their families, the volunteer youths, as well as the ottomans' kites, will meet the sky.While children are enjoying kite flying at the event, other activities and information to be organized will draw attention to the problems experienced by autism patients.

SASS President Sultan Koyun, who is preparing kite materials with the young people who are members of the group, said, "We have friends who study in nursing, literature, tourism, agriculture, engineering, physics faculties among us.We are doing community work in many areas.Since April is the month of 'autism', we decided to make kite stuff for 200 autism children under the sponsorship of Hashim Usta.30 friends will come to the workshop alternately for 1 month and we will make the skeleton of the kites.We will complete the kites with the autism children on April 10, "he said.Haşim Süzme who presented kite to the children of disabled and financial poor families for 13 years he said that was happy to be in such an important project.