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Who is Gülen Okumuş?

She was born in Istanbul in 1979. She graduated from Yeditepe University System Engineering. She did master’s degree in Marmara University.

She was interested in kites during her childhood yet she could not spare time due to her study and professional life. After she met Chairman of Istanbul Kiteflyers’ Association and our country’s kite doyen Mehmet Naci Aköz in 2005, her kite hobby which is an integral part of street games evolved and had the position deserved in her life as she learnt the cultural ties and historical background.  

She took an active role in all phases, particularly in design, of 3rd Istanbul International Kite Festival held on behalf of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2005 with the participation of 6 countries in total and federation chairmen of USA, Japan and Indonesia.

In the same year, she was selected to the board of Istanbul Kiteflyers’ Association and made significant contributions, as the international relations vice-chairman, to the recognition of association in foreign countries.

She realised the STACK (Sport Team and Competitive Kiting) Turkish representation project which is one of the international targets of Istanbul Kiteflyers’ Association and brought STACK Turkish representation to our country.

Tens of kite publications brought to the kite museum thanks to the international relations carried out provided a basis for the kite library which is one of the targets of association and when it was decided to establish a kite library as of 2015, the library was called “Gülen Okumuş Kite Library” considering her past and future contributions to kite culture.

Working for different non-governmental organizations, Gülen Okumuş still serves for the board of Istanbul Kiteflyers’ Association.