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A)   Foundation purpose of Istanbul Kiteflyers’ Association (Quoted from regulations of association - 1997)

For ensuring that kite which has a special place in street games, one of the historical and cultural values of societies, is known by larger audience today; to perform studies and researches in national and international platforms, give seminars and conferences, attend forums and similar events and present opinions, issue statements, compile statements issued and collect them into a book, and organize competitions such as composition and photograph in this respect in schools, public institutions and organizations, distribute cash or in kind rewards and bonus in these places, if necessary, through their own means or sponsors, organize exhibitions at the end of these activities.


For ensuring that kite culture, entertainment, festivals and similar activities has a permanent nature, to perform infrastructure works and to perform all kinds of related official negotiations and invitations.

For providing training for kite, to organize courses and give lectures in schools, public and private institutions and organizations, to train teachers to give lessons on this subject, and to perform related negotiations with Directorate of National Education and give certificate of instructor to the teachers trained.


To obtain information, documents and materials from organizations such as Unions, Clubs, Associations, Federations and Museums operating with respect to kites inside or outside the country, cooperate with them on similar issues, organize joint competitions, festivals and different activities in line with the same purposes, and ensure that organizations visit each other, invite and attend to invitations.


As kiting is still at the stage of development in our country, to perform infrastructure works to lead the establishment of new unions, clubs and associations, organize meetings for this purpose, cooperate with similar organizations, and bring all kite organizations under the roof of a federation.


To carry out all required local or international infrastructure works, studies and researches to reveal kite culture and history and to establish a kite museum which is believed to have a significant role in handing down the information, documents and findings obtained, to text generations and which is found in many countries of the world.


To obtain through granting or buy various kites, kite materials, kite books, magazines and documents to be exhibited in kite museum, and to hand over all materials, free of charge, obtained with respect to kite museum if a museum is established.  






B)   Association’s field of activity


It is the first and only kite association of our country born during the kite activities carried out by Mehmet Naci Aköz since 1980.


Official foundation year of association is 1997, yet it was actually born in 1986. 

Although the association project was planned in 1986, it could be put into practice as a union as “Eyüp Karde