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Kite Workshops and Festivals for the Hotel

Our company, which put kite workshop and kite festival organization in our country for the first time in our country in 2000, today has many activities in different cities and brand hotels in our country.

We provide professional kite workshops and kite festivals at the hotel or holiday villages with our crew of professional kite trainers raised by the Istanbul Kiteboarders Association.

The hotel guests, especially the foreign guests, have the first kites they have made with their own hands in their lives, especially in the kite clubs of the hotels, participating in all the kite materials and workshops we have created with our team.

Guests who complete the kite work (balanced, tailed, kite ready) are provided with baggage, orientation brochures and certificate of attendance, and guests can take their own kite to the country of origin / city.

Institutional printed kites are also possible for institutions that desire.

Kite festival is held in the last day final in such organizations organized in 4 6 days and the highest flying kite cup and different prizes are given in the competition held in the event.

The first and only kite museum of our country, Üsküdar Municipality, Mehmet Naci Aköz Kite Kite shows the professional kites with show kites brought from the Kite Museum.

The event, photographed by all stages, is then published in Turkish and English on the site visited by hundreds of thousands of people.

For detailed information, please check the photos of "Hotel Events" in the photo gallery section and contact the Kite World at ucurtma@ucurtmadunyasi.com.