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Successful and happy human cultivation art

Kite museum stuck between book pages


The educator writer Gülşah Altuntecim met with the reader of the successful and happy human made art book that came out of Çağatay's pen.

The book, which has been described with various examples of the importance of childhood education and cultural support in the creation of "happy and successful people", which is the society and even the need of the world, is planned more than 300 pages, but you can read unfamiliarly because it contains different samples and interviews.

One of the guests of the book is the Kite Museum, which is prepared with examples from cultural centers, museums and workshops that can be evaluated during the education of our children especially in the context of entertaining education.

A short conversation with Mehmet Naci Aköz, the founder of the museum and the President of the Istanbul Kitefliers Association, gives various suggestions and suggestions of Aköz.

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